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Piping Support Selector for iPhone Piping Support Selector for iPhone for iPhone Piping Support Selector for iPhone for iPhone

Piping Support Selector for iPhone

See a video which shows how to use the selector on a typical pipe support problem ... Watch the video.

Piping Support Selector is a utility that designs (sizes) a cantilever pipe support beam based on pipe span distance
and pipelines resting on the support. Piping Support Selector is designed to be used by draftsman, designers,
engineers, and construction personnel.

This app simplifies pipe support beam sizing by removing the complexities of the beam calculation process.
The user is only required to know the size and quantity of pipelines resting on the support and the
pipe span distance to the next support. Forget loads, moment, shear, etc. The calculator's input is
pipe and the output is designed beam(s).

How many times have you been in the field and needed to quickly add a pipe support? Lets be honest, you
probably ended up guessing the size of that steel member? Quit guessing if that pipe support will support
the load - OR NOT! When you guess a pipe support, you risk over sizing the beam ($$$), OR WORSE, selecting a
beam that is undersized to support the load (oops). Have you been in the field and had to extend (lengthen)
an existing beam to carry two additional pipes? Input the existing pipe and additional pipe and Piping
Support Selector will let you know if your modified beam will support the load OR NOT!

Piping Support Selector sizes the beam based on exactly the piping that will rest on the beam. The calculator
selects a list of suitable beams (AISC members only - W shape, C shape, L shape, and Pipe ) based on both
uniform and point loads - checking shear, moment, stress, and deflection. Pipe Support Selector also provides
supporting calculations (units are in imperial), so you can supply them to the engineer in charge or verify
them yourself.

Special thanks to Nick Loiacono. This app would not have happened without his extremely valuable assistance
and guidance with the structural beam calculations.

JP Lanaux
PO Box 294
Destrehan, LA 70047
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