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Piping Offset Calculator for iPhone Piping Offset Calculator for iPhone Piping Offset Calculator for iPhone

Piping Offset Calculator for iPhone

See a video which shows how to use the calculator on a few offset problems ... Watch the video.

See tutorial videos which shows how to enter data, configure the program, set pipe size and bend radius ... Video Tutorials.

Piping Offset Calculator provides precise dimensions and cut lengths for different types
of piping offset spool configurations, pipe sizes, and bend angles.
Piping Offset Calculator is designed to be used by draftsman, designers,
engineers, and construction personnel.

Piping Offsets have never been easier to calculate. The offset calculator is very
intuitive and flexible: the graphical menu is provided to easily select the
type of offset you wish to compute. User supplies any three sides and/or
angles combination(s).

The user is presented with the solved graphical representation of the offset.
The complete graphics include multiple solution views which provide clear,
graphical, design and fabrication data. All bend angles, tangents,
cut lengths, rise, run, hypotenuse, miter angles, roll angles, inside and
outside arc lengths of mitered ells, etc are presented.

User can select 1/4" through 48" pipe sizes, preset bend or ell radius, or
the user can also choose a fixed user input numerical radius for those
unusual bend radius requirements.

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