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PipingAbacus iPhone fitting calculator

PipingAbacus for iPhone

I know that it doesn't matter if you are building or designing pipe.
All of our settings are put on one screen. Why? Because I know
that you are usually looking for info on a specfic size pipe.
Other apps have wheels on the fitting display page. These wheels
take up a lot of valuable real estate. That is why we choose to
put the wheels on their own page. Set it and forget it. If you
are designing a pipe line, you probably are dealing with a single
size. Move from fitting to fitting within that size using our
easy to navigate menu system.

PipingAbacus was written by me - a piping designer. Not just any
piping designer, but a piping designer with a computer science
degree. Check me out on Linkedin. I've worked in a multitude of
settings in a variety of industries. I've not only worked for
consultants in offices but I've also been hanging by safety
harnesses suspended hundreads of feet in the air. I know pipe,
pipe design, pipe modeling, how to build it in the field, how
to compute it, and how to present it.

JP Lanaux
PO Box 294
Destrehan, LA 70047
985 703 0915